Guide to Old Zakanese: A Dialect of Twoyearold

Old Zakanese, a dialect of Twoyearold, is spoken mainly in the Stefanisko household. It is a complex language consisting of nouns; adjectives; verbs, some of which are nonverbal; and exclamations, which often represent entire dissertations in a single word. Regular, pluralizable nouns are made plural by adding the "um" suffix. Irregular and non-pluralizable nouns are often unchanged in the plural form, if one exists, although certain nouns are simply repeated to indicate pluralization. Old Zakanese makes use of adjectives to modify nouns. Adjectives always immediately precede the noun they modify. The dialect also makes use of verbs to form basic noun-verb-object sentences, although a single verb is perfectly acceptable, and a standalone noun implies the nonverbalized "do" verb, often called "NOW!" Old Zakanese also makes use of verbalized punctuation. The interrogative is formed by a tonal uplift at the end of a sentence, and the exclamation "oh" is used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate the surprise or importance usually associated with the exclamation mark.
Below you will find a dictionary of common Old Zakanese words and expressions.
  1. excl. punctuative prefix for excitement
  2. ex: "aaa da no bye zoom" = Yippy, Dad is home!
ahhhhexcl. a declaration of love
ahmenexcl. Ah man!
  1. Big Bird
  2. Grover
  3. Elmo
  4. Cookie Monster
  5. Sesame Street
  1. n. back (body part)
  2. The Backyardigens
  1. n. Bob the Builder
  2. n. any article of clothing with Bob the Builder on it
  1. n. Grandma
  2. n. Great-Auntie Barbara
baen. baby
bahn. sheep
balln. a spherical object any size from a pea to a planet
be'n. belly
been. any insect (flying or not), spider, or creapy-crawly
beep-beepvt. to put object away, specificly toy trains, see "toe"
bern. burp
blaan. a block (when trown a "blaa" becomes a "ball")
blanen. an air plane
  1. n. garbage/trash
  2. n. dirt or other stickyness on body, particulary hands
  3. n. poo-poo
bligelliglblgliguboountranslated as of yet
bling(um)n. shoe(s) particularly the kind with lights that BLINK as the wearer walks
bloo(um)n. balloon(s)
blooga-blooga-bloogaexcl. Used to start NASCAR races (booggity-booggity-booggity)
bluuhn. anything in the toilet
boen. boat (or the couch if there's a pretend shar' in the living room)
boin. a male person, used as a personal pronoun. pretty much all men and boys are 'boi' except for 'la-la' and 'daa'
boingn: Shrek
  1. v. to jump
  2. n. trampoline
  1. n. Donkey from Shrek
  2. n. a Horse
bokeadj. broken
  1. n. Blue's Clues
  2. n. a paw print
boog(um)n. book(s)
buadj. blue
  1. excl. good night
  2. excl. you are dismissed
  1. v. to go some where, leave
  2. n. some where other than home
da'n: dog
da-dan: judge, jury, janitor
daan. Dad
daegon: Diego
dee-deen. Auntie Denise
eewexlc. That is discusting
fan. fart
fiven. five (oddly enough)
  1. vt. to jump from an object, remain airborne for a period, and then return to the object by default the object is the Earth
  2. ex: "blane fly" or "shar' fly wa'"
foon. foot
  1. n. frog
  2. n. turtle
fraanumn. Turtle food
geumn. any automobile or truck pl. geumageum
giggle-giggle-giggleexcl. Your attention please... Look at me, look at me!
grrrexcl. punctuative prefix for anger or frustration
hann. hand
hiexcl. Greetings. You may begin worshiping me now.
hi-hiv. To stay, join the crowd, meet and greet. The opposite of bye-bye
hi-hi num-numexcl. trick-r-treat
hoo-hoon. monkey
hoooo hoooon. the sound a train makes when it wants you to get out of the way
In. personal pronoun refering to self in the first person. See 'my' for posessive form.
jumv. to jump
jum jumajumv. to jump on a trampoline
jumajumn. trampaline
  1. excl. someone is crying and needs assistance. Deploy the care giver!
  2. v. to cry
  1. n. Laura
  2. n. Claudia
lil'adj. relatively smaller than the similar objects around it. Compared to a planet, a pea is a "lil' ball" Compared to a hotdog, an eggroll is a "lil' num"
lomevt. love. First use: I lome boingie.
ma-man. care giver
  1. n. Dora the Explorer
  2. n. Dora the Explorer's map
  1. n. Zakry
  2. n. Cousin Michele
me-men. Auntie Michele
mmmm!excl. literally "shut up"
moen. remote control
momn. Mom
moon. a cow
  1. excl. declaration of ownership
  2. n. Posessive form of I
ngn. one
ngeen. three
ngoun. two
  1. v. to go to sleep
  2. n. the state of being asleep
  3. n. bed
  1. excl. declaration of disapproval, misunderstanding, or confusion
  2. negator, changes the meaning of the following noun to its opposite
  3. nullifyer, indicates that the following adjective or verb is no longer in effect
  1. n. nose
  2. n. snow
noe-blahn. boogers
numn. food pl. num-unum-unum
  1. n. a meal or candy
  2. n. a place to get a meal or candy
ohexcl. punctuative prefix similar to "!"
oh berexcl. literally Excuse me for burping
oh faexcl. literally Excuse me for farting
oh no!excl. Oh No! (Usually said after a tower of blocks mysteriously falls over.)
oingn. pig, pork
oing-oingn. Pumba from The Lion King
oingown. Porcupine, possibly derived from the merger of the words Pork (oink) and Pain (ow)
  1. n. pain
  2. adj. extreeme heat
  3. adj. extreem cold. example: "oh ow num, no num blehk. no uh' my" = Hey my food is too hot/cold, I won't eat this gargage. Don't take it away, I may want it later.
puv. to push
puuuuuv. to pull
rarexcl. I'm going to get you!
shar'n. a shark or any other large fish shaped sea creature such as a tuna, dolphin, or whale
taka-takan. any series of connected cars one could sit in such as a roll-a-coaster or a passenger train
thangexcl. Thank you, not that I really mean it, my mom just makes me say it.
tika-tikav. to tickle
  1. n. any small toy train or trains. "toe" must "beep-beep" before "nie-nie" but not until after "wa-wa"
  2. n. Thomas and Friends television program
too!-kaa!n. Uncle Tuka
uh'excl. no, don't touch it, give it back, go away!
  1. v. to count
  2. n. a number
  3. n. one finger when counting
wan. a large body of water such as the ocean, a pool, or a bath
wa'n. a begerage, specificly the one I'm thinking of right now or the one you are drinking.
  2. n. a bath
  3. v. to bathe
  1. n. a slide
  2. v. to play on a slide
  3. v. to drive on a sloping over/underpass or on/off ramp
whiadj. white
  1. excl. I don't believe you!
  2. excl. What are you doing?
  3. excl. I have a question for you, but you will have to guess what it is.
why-flyexcl. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed a fly...
wren. ring
yaexcl. declaration of acknowlegment or understanding
yumn. a cow, presumably a tastey one.