Guide to Modern Zakanese: A Dialect of Fiveyearold

Modern Zakanese, a dialect of Fiveyearold, is remarkably similar to English but contains no irregular nouns or verbs. It is a highly descriptive language and most words that are normally thought of as adjectives are actually used to form a compound noun.
Below you will find a dictionary of common Zakanese words and expressions.
black garbagenon-recyclable trash can (ant: white garbage)
black meatsausage
blana spitsThe Banana Splits: A TV show from 1968. Zak loves to watch it with daddy.
blue cheesesafeway brand powdered 3 cheese spaghetti topping.
BootserBooster, Zak's first cat. Booster died because he was curious and didn't look both ways before crossing the street.
buskeddythin round pasta with a red meat sauce
CheegaChick Hicks from the movie "Cars"
chickenchicken, pork, or some other kind of meat that is not red or black
circle treatsyogurt pushups
crabsKing or Snow crab legs. Probably Zak's most favorite food. "Zak, what happens on Daddy's birthday?" "We gonna to eat some crabs!"
creamwhipped cream
Ex AwreZak's kitten, XR. Named for the plucky robot in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Because Mira is mommy's cat and Booster died.
green cheesesafeway brand powdered parmasian cheese topping.
hot chocolate milkhot coco
I love you 20An expression of affection indicating that Zak loves you a whole lot
I love you 21an expression of affection indicating that Zak loves you more than a whole lot.
I love you, Daddyexpression used to indicate that Zak has done something bad and wishes to remind you that you promiced you would never eat him.
jumpybounce house
kissanahuga morning ritual of embrace
lellow juicewhite grape juice
MiraMommy's cat. Mira doesn't like anyone but Mommy. Even though Daddy is the one who rescued her from a freezing cold winter night, warmed her up and hand fed her milk soaked cat food until she stopped shivering.
orange buddersalmon flavored cream cheese
orange carZak's favorite NASCAR driver. Tony Stewart, #20, in the Home Depot car.
red meatpepperoni
snowflake and tic-tac-toeThe two extra buttons on the telephone keypad
sweetya stuffed animal
treatIce cream
white buddercream cheese
white garbagerecycling can
white sauseranch dressing